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A Military Chronicle

Dear Reader,

Thank you for asking me why I don't write anything about war in Ukraine.

I'll try to explain.

Sometimes we are faced with a difficult choice of how we should act in a certain situation.

I created my site in 2011 with an Internet service provider based in Russia. At that time, like most people, I knew nothing about a "special military operation", as it officially called in Russia.

My site is still managed by that ISP, and for now I cannot create a new site with an ISP based outside of Russia.

Therefore, any information that is contrary to the laws of the Russian Federation may lead to the blocking of my site.

On the other hand, my site is already blocked in Ukraine, for the reason just mentioned.

Although I could say a lot, I cannot sacrifice all the spiritual content for the sake of a military chronicle. When I have the opportunity, maybe I will say something, but not as a "war correspondent", but as a priest.

However, we always must keep in mind that sooner or later God, not man, will reveal the truth about all the wars that have ever happened.

Commenting on The Apocalypse of St. John Fr. Berry Sylvester says: "The chastisements of God are always tempered with mercy. They are not to destroy man, but to convert him" - Rev. E. Berry Sylvester, The Apocalypse of St. John, p. 71.

Pray for the souls of the dead and for the conversion of sinners.

Sincerely in The Sacred Heart Of Jesus and The Immaculate Heart Of Mary,

Fr. Valerii Kudriavtsev

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