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Catholics cannot support heresies and superstitions

And the Lord said to me: The prophets prophesy falsely in my name: I sent them not, neither have I commanded them, nor have I spoken to them: they prophesy unto you a lying vision, and divination and deceit, and the seduction of their own heart. Therefore thus saith the Lord concerning the prophets that prophesy in my name, whom I did not send, that say: sword and famine shall not be in this land: By sword and famine shall those prophets be consumed. (JEREMIAS 14:14-15)

Dear Faithful.

Almost every one of you asked me about so-called prophecy by Marie-Julie Jahenny. So, let me tell you some words about it.

Very first time I read that "prophecy" in 2005, and found it to be quite odd. Then I just did put it into a shelf because I saw that it was not a part of the Catholic Doctrine and therefore I don’t have any obligation to read it. I remember that some people called it “private prophecy”, but I saw that it was not a prophecy in Catholic sense, and therefore I am not obliged to waste time by reading suspicious teaching.

In 2016 I had to return to this topic again, because many of you have began to ask me to give advice on how the Catholics should react on that “prophecy”.

Many of you told me that some people agitate you to leave your homes and families in order to relocate to Brittany and to live there in a community of the followers of the “Great French Monarch", and to wait “3 days of darkness”. I was told that some people even got a kind of psychic disorder and felt despair and fear before physical death because of a chastisement which should happen during of the “3 days of darkness”. They told me that they did want to survive physically at any cost.

At last I figured out that the problem is more serious than it seemed before, and as a Catholic priest I should pay attention to it, and have no right to be silent.

Very carefully and slowly I started to study the “prophecy” by Marie-Julie Jahenny.

While the reading an interesting picture has appeared before my eyes. Certain people induce you to leave your homes and families and to relocate to Brittany. Many of you are living in despair and fear, having conflicts with your children, husbands and other relatives because of your desire to sell your homes and to relocate to Brittany. But at the same time, the propagators of the “great relocation” still feel themselves comfortable continuing their businesses as usual, enjoying their positions where they are, even not thinking to give it up in order to relocate themselves to Brittany. It seems pretty strange, doesn’t it?

So, now I can give you a pastoral advice.

In a word, you should stay as far as possible from the “prophecy” about “3 days of darkness” since it has nothing with the Catholic Faith, because it teaches you how to save the body, but doesn’t give you an answer how to save the soul, while the Catholic Faith teaches us how to save both the soul and the body.

In fact the “prophecy” about “3 days of darkness” was proposed by Marquis de la Franquerie and Roberdel Abbé Pierre in the books "Marie-Julie Jahenny, in Stigmatisee de Blain" (1974) and "Les Propheties de La Fraudais" (1974).

It is interesting to note that both authors were French nationalists who stressed on the exclusive privileged role of “the race of the Kings of France” in salvation of whole mankind, and that "Monarchy, the very best of all possible forms of government, will be restored everywhere." (Book "Les Propheties de La Fraudais", 1974). Both of them promoted an idea of the “3 days of darkness” and that Brittany in France will be the safest place in the world where “true Catholics” must relocate themselves in order to save their bodies during chastisement which should happen within of the “3 days of darkness”, since “sword and famine shall not be in this land.”

You can see the following statement on one of the websites:

“We are posting an imperative prophecy received by the favored soul, Marie-Julie Jahenny, on Jan 17, 1922 from Our Blessed Lord, on the upcoming worldwide 3 Days of Darkness punishment.”

Is this so called “prophecy” indeed imperative, i.e. imposed upon by some authority which enforces obedience to it?

Are Catholics obliged to believe and obey this so called “imperative prophecy”?

The answer is – NO IN ANY WAY, because so called prophecy by Marie-Julie Jahenny in fact is a political agenda by two French nationalists, and it contradicts Holy Scripture and the Catholic Eschatology i.e. THE CATHOLIC DOCTRINE OF THE LAST THINGS.

We don’t find neither even one word in the Catholic Eschatology about “3 days of darkness” nor restoration of the “monarchy of men” over the world, nor unbecoming for Christian idea such as this: “the race of the Kings of France, being that of David, therefore the same one as Our Lord's and the Immaculate Virgin, divine in one of its Members, it is natural that it should be this race to be called to reign over the world at the time of the great triumph of the Church”.

We need to know that any prophecy should be in accordance with Divine Revelation revealed by Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition.

If anybody proposes a private revelation as a prophecy, and demands everyone to believe in it, but this revelation contradicts Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition, in such case Catholics are obliged not only not to believe is such “prophecy”, but they are obliged to reject it without any hesitation as a false prophecy, which is not from God.

If a Catholic is not convinced that a private revelation is from God, he has right to reject it without any penalty.

Also, we need to know that every private revelation must be approved by the Church.

In case of the books “MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY, THE BRETON STIGMATIST” and "Les Propheties de La Fraudais" we can see, that these books were published in a way of the violation of Ecclesiastical Legislation on Books, i.e. without permission of the competent Hierarchy.

Since the authors of above mentioned books insisted that their books contain a prophecy about the Eschatological events, they were obliged to put these books to the censorship, and to publish the books only after the positive conclusion of the censor was given and the permission of the bishop was granted.

Marquis de la Franquerie and Roberdel Abbé Pierre not only published their books in a way of transgression of the law of Censorship of Books, but they also transgressed the law on the Prohibition of Books, i.e. they distributed their books to other people without permission of the competent Catholic Hierarchy.

“The Church’s approbation of private revelations merely means they contain nothing against faith and morals. He never sins mortally who denies them because he is not convinced that they are from God.”
“Permission for publication must be given in writing. The Nihil Obstat of the censor should precede the Imprimatur of the Bishop. In the printed book itself the name of the censor need not to be published; but the Imprimatur and the name of him, who granted it must be indicated, as well as the time and place of the granting. This may be placed at the beginning or at the end of the book (C. 1394).

Moral Theology
by Rev. Heribert Jone, O.F.M. CAP., J.C.D., by Rev. Urban Adelman, O.F.M. CAP., J.C.D.
The Mercier Press Limited, Cork, Ireland
Nihil Obstat: PIUS KAELIN, O.F.M. CAP, Censor Deputatus
Imprimi Potest: VICTOR GREEN, O.F.V. CAP., Provincial, July 2, 1955
Nihil Obstat: RICHARD GINDER, S.T.I., Censor Librorum
Imprimatur: JOHN FRANCIS DEARDEN, D.D., Bishop of Pittsburg, August 15, 1955
Infidelity, Apostasy and Heresy. p. 67, Ecclesiastical Legislation on Books, pp. 269-274.


It contains at least two serious heresies (pp. 56, 58) and at least two very superstitious practices: (1) of making “blessed water” by laymen (p. 66), (please see Word document “AQUA BENEDICTA”) and (2) swallowing of a piece of a paper: “During the MORTAL PLAGUE "There will be only one remedy for protection. It will be to swallow, written on very thin paper: "OH JESUS, CONQUEROR OF DEATH, SAVE US, O Crux ave." (p.67)

The heresies are following:

“Here is another vision which gives details of the time the salvation will take place.

On 12th of May 1881 and on 29th of November 1881:

"The Great Monarch" is called by Our Lord and Our Lady: "THE MAN OF GOD ", "THE CHOSEN OF THE ETERNAL", "THE PEACE AND SALVATION OF HIS PEOPLE", "THE MIRACLE KING", "THE SAVIOUR OF FRANCE ..." "chosen from his birth to give back to France the Lily and the white flag."

And on 6th of October 1877 Our Lady says:

"You may be sure, my children, that this holy king is already with the saints and that Heaven will celebrate a feast raising him to the honours of the Altars.

These affirmations from Heaven coming at the end of this magnificent vision would they not be to tell us that the "two Lilies", the Holy Pope and the Great Monarch, are both descendants of the Martyr King ? Knowing nothing about this hereditary transmission, let us believe in the principle of survival which is the ONLY TRUTH and let us have faith in God who will reveal him in His own good time since this is His Will.

Marie-Julie adds:

"The triumph of the living will be grand when Holy Church, which is today surrounded by thorns, will be surrounded by a CROWN OF GOLDEN LILIES !"

The Holy Pope, the Great Monarch and the other Princes of the Lilies who will reign over the world and ensure the triumph of God and the Church. She adds:

"The defenders of the Faith will be protected from Heaven."

The race of the Kings of France, being that of David, therefore the same one as Our Lord's and the Immaculate Virgin, divine in one of its Members, it is natural that it should be this race to be called to reign over the world at the time of the great triumph of the Church.

p.55, 56, 58.

The author of the book proposes obviously heretical teaching that a man will be a “savior” - “the Great Monarch” who was called by “Our Lord” and “Our Lady” - "THE CHOSEN OF THE ETERNAL", "THE PEACE AND SALVATION OF HIS PEOPLE", "THE MIRACLE KING", "THE SAVIOUR OF FRANCE ..."

Such statement must be rejected because it totally contradicts Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition from which every Catholic knows that THE GREAT MONARCH, THE KING, THE SAVIOUR is Our Lord JESUS CHRIST Himself.

“PRAISE the Lord, O my soul, in my life I will praise the Lord: I will sing to my God as long as I shall be. Put not your trust in princes: in the children of men, in whom there is no salvation. His spirit shall go forth, and he shall return into his earth: in that day all their thoughts shall perish. Blessed is he who hath the God of Jacob for his helper, whose hope is in the Lord his God: who made heaven and earth, the sea, and all things that are in them.” (PSALM 150:1-5)

“And she shall bring forth a son: and thou shalt call his name JESUS. For he shall save his people from their sins. Now all this was done that it might be fulfilled which the Lord spoke by the prophet, saying: Behold a virgin shall be with child, and bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.” (ST. MATTHEW 1:21-23).

"JESUS answered: My kingdom is not of this world. If my kingdom were of this world, my servants would certainly strive that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now my kingdom is not from hence." (ST. JOHN 18:36)

“Be it known to you all, and to all the people of Israel, that by the name of our Lord JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth, whom you crucified, whom God hath raised from the dead, even by him this man standeth here before you whole. This is the stone which was rejected by you the builders: which is become the head of the corner: Neither is there salvation in any other. For there is no other name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved.” (THE ACTS, IV:10-12).

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often (and now tell you weeping) that they are enemies of the cross of Christ; whose end is destruction: whose god is their belly: and whose glory is in their shame: who mind earthly things. But our conversation is in heaven: from whence also we look for the Saviour, our Lord JESUS CHRIST.” (TO THE PHILIPPIANS 3:18-20).

Instead of this Infallible Christian Doctrine, given to us by God Himself, Marquis de la Franquerie proposes completely different teaching, trying to induce the readers to accept the religion of man, instead of the religion of God. He says about certain “divine” race which is of bloodline of David. He applies bloodline of David to the “divine” race of the Kings of France”.

Actually the author says that the race of the Kings of France has blood lineage from the Jewish race, particularly from the tribe of Juda.

Some people say: "it is possible that the Pope and the Great Monarch will be of the bloodline of David, separated and not of the Jewish race which will never reign as it no longer exists". But such opinion is erroneous because it mixes the race with the religion.

"The Jewish race will never reign as it no longer exists" – this opinion is erroneous in the part "no longer exists", because bloodline of David was not separated from bloodline of Juda, i.e. this is the same bloodline, and it still exists and will exist until the end of this world in the people who belong to it by flesh.

We can only say that the Jewish religion of the Old Testament will never reign, as it no longer exists, because it finished on the Golgotha, and that is true.

So, based only on the linguistic meaning of the passages by Marquis de la Franquerie about the “Pope” and the “Great French Monarch”, who will be of the bloodline of David (according to Marquis de la Franquerie), one can conclude that he says about flesh lineage. He does not say even a word about spiritual lineage. It is seems that he either, promotes an idea of a restoration of the Jewish religion of Old Testament, or an idea that a new religion of the race of David (Juda) will “reign over the world”.

Neither The Holy Scripture nor Holy Tradition says that every one of Twelve Apostles was descendant of David by blood; rather Apostles represented twelve tribes of Israel.

Also we know that among seventy Apostles were representatives not only twelve tribes of Israel, but of others nations as well.

We also know that not every one of millions of Saints was of bloodline of David and Juda or any other tribe of Israel; rather they represented all races of the whole world.

"And Peter opening his month, said: In very deed I perceive that God is not a respecter of persons. But in every nation, he that feareth him, and worketh justice, is acceptable to him." (THE ACTS, 10:34-35). “CHAP. X. Ver. 35. In every nation, etc. That is to say, not only Jews, but Gentiles also, of what nation soever, are acceptable to God, if they fear him and work justice. But then true faith is always to be presupposed, without which (saith St. Paul, Heb. xi. 6.) it is impossible to please God. Beware then of the error of those, who would infer from this passage, that men of all religions may be pleasing to God. For since none, but the true religion can be from God, all other religions must be from the father of lies, and therefore highly displeasing to the God of truth.”

But Marquis de la Franquerie says specifically that only one "race of the Kings of France, being that of David should be called to reign over the world at the time of the great triumph of the Church".

Based on his statement one can conclude that Marquis de la Franquerie says about the race in sense of flesh. If he meant something else, he had a duty to clarify what he meant. But he did not.

By expression of the idea of the reigning of one certain “divine race” over the world, he promoted a non-Christian conception of life. But this idea sounds as a propaganda of a national religion and racism, which was rejected and condemned by God Himself and by the Church, particularly by Pope Pius XI in the Encyclical Letter Mit Brennender Sorge.

“Whoever exalts race, or the people, or the State, or a particular form of State, or the depositories of power, or any other fundamental value of the human community – however necessary and honorable be their function in worldly things – whoever raises these notions above their standard value and divinizes them to an idolatrous level, distorts and perverts an order of the world planned and created by God: he is far from the true faith in God and from the concept of life which that faith upholds.

Our God is the Personal God, supernatural, omnipotent, infinitely perfect, one in the Trinity of Persons, tri-personal in the unity of divine essence, the Creator of all existence, Lord, King and ultimate Consummator of the history of the world, who will not, and cannot, tolerate a rival god by His side. This God, this Sovereign Master, has issued commandments whose value is independent of time and space, of country and race. As God's sun shines on every human face, so His law knows neither privilege nor exception. Rulers and subjects, crowned and uncrowned, rich and poor are equally subject to His word. From the fullness of the Creator's right there naturally arises the fullness of His right to be obeyed by individuals and communities, whoever they are. This obedience permeates all branches of activity in which moral values claim harmony with the law of God, and pervades all integration of the ever-changing laws of man into the immutable laws of God.

None but superficial minds could stumble into concepts of a national God, of a national religion; or attempt to lock within the frontiers of a single people, within the narrow limits of a single race, God, the Creator of the universe, King and Legislator of all nations before whose immensity they are as a drop of a bucket (Isaiah xi, 15)

The Bishops of the Church of Christ, ordained in the things that appertain to God (Heb.5, 1), must watch that pernicious errors of this sort, and consequent practices more pernicious still, shall not gain a footing among their flock. It is part of their sacred obligations to do whatever is in their power to enforce respect for, and obedience to, the commandments of God, as these are the necessary foundation of all private life and public morality; to see that the rights of His Divine Majesty, His name and His word be not profaned; to put a stop to the blasphemies, which, in words and pictures, are multiplying like the sands of the desert; to encounter the obstinacy and provocations of those who deny, despise and hate God, by the never-failing reparatory prayers of the Faithful, hourly rising like incense to the All-Highest and staying His vengeance.

We thank you, Venerable Brethren, your priests and Faithful, who have persisted in their Christian duty and in the defense of God's rights in the teeth of an aggressive paganism. Our gratitude, warmer still and admiring, goes out to those who, in fulfillment of their duty, have been deemed worthy of sacrifice and suffering for the love of God.

No faith in God can for long survive pure and unalloyed without the support of faith in Christ. No one knoweth who the Son is, but the Father: and who the Father is, but the Son and to whom the Son will reveal Him (Luke x, 22). Now this is eternal life: That they may know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou has sent (John xvii, 3). Nobody, therefore, can say: "I believe in God, and that is enough religion for me," for the Saviour's words brook no evasion: Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father. He that confesseth the Son hath the Father also (1 John ii, 23).

The Words of Pius XII

Nihil Obstat: ARTHUR J. SCANLAN, S.T.D. Censor Librorum.
Imprimatur: + FRANCIS J. SPELLMAN, D.D. Archbishop, New York.
New York, September 12, 1940,
Typography by Robert Josephy
On the Present Position of the Catholic Church in Germany
Mit Brennender Sorge. March 14, 1937.

p. 312

Therefore, according to God’s Law the "race of the Kings of France" has neither privilege nor exception.


“The Church recognizes every form of existing government, for there is nothing in the various forms that contradicts Catholic teaching (Leo XIII). Hence Leo XIII has frequently enjoined on the French monarchists to recognize and support the existing republic. Christ Himself taught that what was Caesar's should be given to Caesar (Matt. xxii. 21).
The Church is, in its own department, absolutely independent of the State, for Christ left the teaching and government of His Church to the apostles and their successors, not to any temporal sovereign.
Hence the State has no claim to dictate to Christians what they are to believe and reject, nor to instruct priests what they are to preach, nor how and when they are to give the sacraments, say Mass, etc. Such interference has always been resented by the Church: thus Hosius, at the Council of Nicaea, addressed the Roman emperor when the latter was meddling in matters of faith: "Here you have no right to dictate to us; it is rather your duty to follow our commands." The State, too, is in its own affairs independent of the Church.
"The power of the State as well as that of the Church is circumscribed by limits within which it can work uncontrolled " (Leo XIII). There are many points however where these limits touch; hence a mutual agreement is necessary on both sides. If contrary orders were given in the same matter strife would arise, and the subject would not know where his duty lay (Leo XIII.). Between the two powers there should be some such union as there is between the body and soul in man (Leo XIII). Agreements between State and Church are of frequent occurrence in history: they are called Concordats. These are often conspicuous proofs of the tender love of the Church in pushing her mildness and toleration as far as is consistent with her duty (Leo XIII).”

The Catechism Explained
From the original of Rev. Francis Spirago, Professor of Theology,
Edited by Rev. Richard F. Clarke, S.J.
Nihil Obstat: Thos. L. Kinkead, Censor Librorum,
Imprimatur: + MICHAEL AUGUSTINE, Archbishop of New York.
New York, August 8, 1899.
Copyright 1899, by Benzinger Brothers,
New York, Cincinnati, Chicago
pp. 247, 248

Some of you say: “This website carries the approbation in writing of the (True) Petrine Hierarchy in exile i.e., connected with Pope Gregory XVII”.

If that is true, then we should know a name of the bishop, who approved the propagation of the heretical teachings through the website. If a certain bishop indeed approved it, he is no longer a Catholic bishop. By giving permission in writing to propagate the heresy he becomes equal to a formal heretic, loses his office because of public defection from the Catholic faith (Can. 188.4,) and incurs the censure LATAE SENTENTIAE excommunication ipso facto. (Can. 2314).

“Leo XIII in the beginning of his pontificate, addressed all the bishops of the Church, saying: "Your duty, Venerable Brethren, is to take every care that the seed of celestial doctrine be sown throughout the field of the Lord, in order that the minds of the faithful may be deeply imbued with the Catholic truths and firmly rooted and preserved from error." ("Inscrutabili," April 21, 1878). (Can. 336)

If the Pope grants the approbation in writing to propagate the heresy, he no longer is the Pope, because Vicarius Dei or Vicarius Christi, also Vicarius Pelri cannot permit his subjects to propagate the heresy. By giving such approbation in writing he becomes an equal to a propagator of the heresy, i.e. formal heretic, resigns his office, i.e. loses his office because of public defection from the Catholic faith (A fide catholica publice defecerit) (Can. 188.4), and incurs the censure LATAE SENTENTIAE excommunication ipso facto. (Can. 2314)

“TACIT RESIGNATION, which is brought about and signified by a fact, especially one upon which the law itself has decreed the loss of an ecclesiastical office. Defection from the Catholic faith, if public, deprives one of all ecclesiastical offices he may hold; not, however, mere schism, if unconnected with heresy.” (Can. 188.4)

“If the Roman Pontiff resigns his office, the resignation is valid without its acceptance by the cardinals or anyone else.” “Neither for the validity of the election nor for a resignation is acceptance, confirmation, or anything else required.” (Can. 221)

To say that the Hierachy, being of the True Petrine lineage, has approved preaching of the heresy of the “divine race of the Kings of France” and a “savior-man” instead of Jesus Christ, it is the same as to say that St. Peter, very first Vicar of Christ, has approved propagation of the heresy of another “savior” instead of Jesus Christ.

Also, anyone becomes a formal heretic who deliberately propagates the heresies online, exteriorly manifesting it to the whole world; he incurs excommunication ipso facto (after the lapse of six months). (Can. 2314, Can. 2315, Can. 2316, Can. 2318)

If anyone being a layman, prefers to continue to propagate or to support the heresy of the “3 days of darkness”, so-called “divine race”, to make “blessed water” in superstitious way, to swallow a paper with ink, he should to know, that by doing so, he becomes suspected of heresy, then a formal heretic, incurs excommunication ipso facto (after the lapse of six months), and therefore he puts himself outside of the Catholic Church.

We do not say these people are excommunicated, since this is an exact canonical term, with its own very precise conditions. Our job is to point out the errors. We say that these people stay with error and heresy.

Someone may say that he does not deny any truth revealed by God and proposed by the Church for belief. But on the other hand he propagates a “savior-man” and “divine race” proposed by the false prophesy of the “3 days of darkness”. In such case (1) he becomes guilt of very grave sin of idolatry because he divinizes certain man and certain race to an idolatrous level, (2) he becomes guilt of very grave sin of divination because by implicit invocation of the devil he tells fortune for certain man and certain race. Therefore he is suspected of heresy. And after the warning he cannot justify himself saying that he acts in a “good faith”.

“If, after the lapse of six months, to be reckoned from the moment the penalty has been contracted, the person suspected of heresy has not amended, he must be regarded as a heretic, amenable to the penalties set forth in Can. 2314.” (Can. 2315)

You cannot in the morning be Catholics, and in the evening preach the heresy of paganism or be fortunetellers. You cannot in the morning be Christians, and in the evening Shamans. You cannot in the morning receive Holy Communion, and in the evening swallow a "miraculous" piece of paper.

Either, you are Catholics or you are non-Catholics. You are members of the Catholic Church or you are outside.

You cannot drink the chalice of the Lord, and the chalice of devils: you cannot be partakers of the table of the Lord, and of the table of devils. (1 Corinthians 10:21).

I hope that now you see that so-called prophecy proposed by Marquis de la Franquerie and Roberdel Abbé Pierre, actually is a false prophecy, which must be condemned and rejected by every Catholic, since it is already condemned and rejected by God and by the Church.

Fr. Valerii

The quotes from the Holy Scripture taken from:

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