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Fight for the Mass of All Times in Poland?

Fight for the Mass of All Times in Poland?

Someone shared with me the NEWS about persecution of the true Catholics and clergy in Poland: 19.10.2020 BRUTALNA INTERWENCJA POLICJI NASŁANEJ PRZEZ KSIĘŻY SALEZJANÓW!!!" (October 19, 2020, BRUTAL POLICE INTERVENTION SENT BY THE SALESIAN PRIESTS)

I took the time to study the event in order to understand what really happened on October 19, 2020 in the Polish city Poznan, Wroniecka str. 9.

Salesians demand
Holy Mass of All Times
in the church

Poznan, Wroniecka 9, website address
(The inscription on the door plate)

You can see at the end of the video that a novus ordo priest Michal Woznicki (who in 2017 started the “fight” for the “Mass of All Times”) and his server were “evacuated” from the home chapel by the police. The policemen carried them by the arms and legs down the stairs directly into the police van.

The information below the video in general explains the situation (slightly shortening the translation from Polish by myself):

“Fr. Michał Woznicki twice in 2019 (September 6 and November 22) and once in 2020 (February 26, the hearing scheduled for April 29 was canceled due to plague) appeared before the Civil Court in Poznan, sued by the Salesian House on Wroniecka street.

The Salesian Fathers, before the Civil Court, demand the expulsion of Fr. Woznicki from the apartment where the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered in his chapel-cell every day.

Fr. Michał Woznicki is one of the three Salesian priests from the same Wroclaw Province, who recently bound himself with the vow of coram Deo et coram Ecclesia, to God and to the Church, to only celebrate Holy Mass in the Roman Rite until the end of his life, and to celebrate other sacraments according to the pre-Vatican II rite.

The first such decision was made by Father Jacek Baloba, SDB (February 17, 2016).

The second was Father Michal Woznicki, SDB (January 20, 2017).

The same promise to God, as the third Salesian, was made by Father Dariusz Kowalczyk, SDB (December 07, 2019).

Fr. Michal Woznicki, SDB is standing for celebrating Holy Mass only in the Roman Rite and the uncompromising preaching of Catholic teaching rejecting all modern errors and heresies (liberalism, modernism, and false ecumenism) was expelled from the Salesian Congregation in August 2018.

The decision by the General of the Congregation, accusing him of disobedience, was confirmed by the competent Roman Congregation acting under the authority of the Pope.

In February 2020, the Wroclaw Inspector, Fr. Jaroslaw Pizon, SDB ordered the other two Salesians to resume the celebration of the new post-conciliar mass (novus ordo missae) by April 15, and if not - he threatened to take appropriate steps towards them.”

Based on this explanation one can conclude that this is not about persecution of true Catholics in Poland. Rather, it is about the unwillingness of the novus ordo priest Michal Woznicki to hand over the keys to the apartment belonging to the Vatican II “Salesian Congregation”. The Congregation demands he leave the apartment and hand over the keys.

However, Fr. Woznicki refuses to leave and hand over the keys, because he does not agree with his dismissal. He says that he has the right to stay in the apartment and to use it as an outpost of the fight for the “Mass of All Times”. He calls his "brother-priests" to follow him and start learning how to celebrate “Mass of All Times”.

In turn, "brothers-priests" daily leave a demand inscription on the wall near the apartment: “leave the apartment and give us the keys.” On October 19, 2020 they asked the police to evacuate Fr. Woznicki from the apartment, and the police complied with their request.

However, on October 20, Fr. Woznicki came back safe and sound to the apartment and resumed using it for the same purpose; his "brothers-priests" again started demanding he leave and hand over the keys.

A year earlier, in September 2019 Fr. Woznicki was sued by the “Salesian Congregation” in a state court. The process is ongoing...

Now let me explain what is wrong with Vatican II “traditional” priests and Michal Woznicki in particular, from the Canonical point of view.

Applying the words “father”, "priest" or “bishop” to the Novus Ordo clergy, I don't treat them as Catholic Priests, and applying the word “mass” to the novus ordo “mass”, I don’t mean the Catholic Holy Mass either.

On September 25, 2020 Fr. Woznicki quoted some parts from the article The Apostasy of John Paul II: A Catholic Response by Most Rev. Daniel L. Dolan.

Indeed it can be appreciated that a novus ordo priest teaches the truth about the false pope to his congregation. However he did not say unequivocally that he agrees with Bishop Dolan that “John Paul II” was a false pope.

Also, it is not clear whether he recognizes "Benedict XVI" and "Francis" as popes or false popes. He gives choice to everyone of his congregation to hold their own opinion.

On Sunday, November 8, 2020 addressing his congregation Fr. Woznicki said that the form of almost every Sacrament was changed in 1969 (changed by “Paul VI” in 1968 – Fr. Valerii), and he, therefore, is not sure if his “brother-priests” are priests or laymen. He avoids clarifying whether he recognizes them as valid priests or not.

According to his concept, validity or invalidity of the novus ordo ordinations depends on the behavior of a certain priest. For example, if a man practices meditation in pose of lotus before Buddha’s figure, or playing guitar or dancing during new "mass", etc., he, therefore, is not a valid priest. However, if a novus ordo priest (meaning himself) is offering the "Mass of All Times" - he thus is a valid priest.

A Traditional Catholic from Poland shared with me his view on Fr. Woznicki’s concept:

“One would have to show him the lack of logic in what he says, because the validity of the ordination has nothing to do with what a certain priest does, how he lives or what Mass he celebrates. In fact, it can be exactly the opposite, because, for example, Wojtyla was a validly consecrated bishop, but prayed in front of Buddha’s statue, and novus odro "priests" even if they are celebrating the Mass of All Times, are not validly ordained priests.”

(If) Fr. Michal Woznicki was ordained by a novus ordo invalid bishop in a new invalid rite, therefore, from the Catholic point of view it is a canonical reason to treat him only as a layman who does not have an indelible priestly character on his soul.

Simulation of the Latin Mass or “absolution” by such a “priest” is called by Canon Law "irregularity from crime".

Canon 985.7 Irregularity arising from crime is incurred by:
“those who, without having received an order, perform an act which is reserved to clerics in higher orders, or who, without having received an order, or having been forbidden to exercise an order duly received, either by a canonical sentence inflicted on their person by a censure or vindictive penalty, or on the place where they exercise it.”
"Abuse of orders is here strictly limited to higher orders, from sub-deaconship onward."(1)

"An irregularity is a canonical impediment of a permanent nature which directly renders it unlawful to receive ordination and indirectly forbids the exercise of orders received."
"An irregularity can only be removed by dispensation."
"Thus, he is irregular who “says Mass” or “absolves,” in spite of the fact that he is no priest."(2)

When the Throne of St. Peter is occupied by a Pope - in normal times - the Holy See, Ordinaries, and confessors (in limited cases) can dispense. However during the Vacancy of the Holy See, only valid Traditional Catholic bishops may lawfully dispense.

If a novus ordo priest - who was ordained in a new invalid rite by an invalid bishop (or by an invalid bishop who used valid form and matter) - wants to receive valid Catholic ordination, he must appeal to a valid bishop who is not una cum Vatican II false pope; he must appeal to a valid Traditional Catholic bishop whose Consecration traced back to pre-Vatican II Catholic bishops(*). Otherwise, being a layman and “saying Mass” or “absolving”, a novus ordo “priest” performs acts of profanation and abuse of Sacred Orders.

(*)Though validity of the SSPX bishops is unquestionable, they cannot be called Traditional Catholic bishops, because they are una cum the Vatican II false pope.


  • No matter how many times a layman (novus ordo priest) simulates Mass, he is still a layman;
  • A layman becomes a valid priest only through the Sacrament of Ordination conferred by a valid bishop;
  • If a novus ordo priest wants to receive valid Catholic Ordination, he should strictly follow the canonical procedure prescribed by the Canon Law for the receiving of Holy Orders;
  • Otherwise, "saying Mass" and “absolving" - not being validly ordained - such a novus ordo "priest" abuses Sacred Orders, and laity from his "traditional congregation" within the Vatican II church stay without valid Sacraments;
  • In order to fight for the Mass of All Times, Novus Ordo followers should figure out that they must cease to be members of the Vatican II church;
  • One can be stubborn and even give one’s life for the keys to an apartment belonging to a Vatican II congregation; however, one should understand that these keys do not fit the Heavenly Door.

Hope this is clear enough.

Fr. Valerii

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P.S. Fr. Rafal Trytek's Catholic Latin Rite Apostolate in Poland: sedevacante.pl Father is a member of The Roman Catholic Institute. The Superior General of the Institute is Bishop Donald Sanborn who is the Rector of the Most Holy Trinity Seminary in Florida as well.


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