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Rev. Anthony Cekada:
For Neo-Trad Sedevacantists, “Sex Sells”
As I noted a few weeks ago in The Errors of Athanasius Schneider, the “right” in the Conciliar Church — “conservatives” or, in the case of those who promote the old Mass in the Novus Ordo system, “neo-trads” — has become more and more vehement in denouncing Bergoglio. A mere six years ago, talk of papal heresy was routinely dismissed in these circles as “schismatic sedevacantist fantasies” or as “rejecting Christ’s promise that the gates of hell would never prevail.”
Now, however, we find establishment conservatives and neo-trads, in an “Open Letter to the Bishops of the Catholic Church,” declaring that “We are accusing Pope Francis of the canonical delict [i.e. crime] of heresy.”

Rev. Martin Stepanich OFM, STD:
An Objection to Sedevacantism: 'Perpetual Successors' to Peter
Did Our Lord intend that there should be a pope on the Chair of Peter every single moment of the Church's existence and every single moment of the papacy's existence?

Rev. Anthony Cekada:
Canon Law and Common Sense
Why Traditional Catholics are Not Outlaws

Rev. Anthony Cekada:
An Interview with Rev. Anthony Cekada
My Seminary Life as Student and Teacher.
A new video interview with Rev. Anthony Cekada. Reflections on his own seminary training and his nearly thirty years of seminary teaching as a priest.

Most. Rev. Daniel L. Dolan:
Abp. Thuc: A Brief Defense
Refutation of unfounded accusations against the validity of the episcopal consecrations conferred by Abp. P.M. Ngo-dinh-Thuc. Excerpt from a conference delivered in France in October, 1999.

Most Rev. Daniel L. Dolan, B.F. Dryden:
Canon 188.4 or Where is the Church
The public defection from the Catholic faith by Vatican II, Paul VI and the modernist hierarchy brought automatic loss of office.

Rev. Anthony Cekada:
The Bellarmine 'Resistance' Quote: Another Traditionalist Myth
Analysis of a passage in St. Robert Bellarmine on 'resisting' the pope that traditionalists have misinterpreted for decades. (St. Gertrude the Great Newsletter, October 2004.)

Rama Coomaraswamy MD:
“Cracks in the Masonry”
Was SSPX founder Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre invalidly ordained by a Mason? (1) What's the historical evidence? (2) If true, would it have invalidated his ordination? (3) How did the Church in the past treat Holy Orders conferred by Masonic prelates?

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