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Jurisdiction, Excommunication, Public heretics, 'Material pope'

Jurisdiction, Excommunication, Public heretics, 'Material pope'

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Drinking from a papal chalice, eating from a papal plate, sitting in a papal chair, sleeping in a papal bed, wearing a papal robes does not turn a Novus Ordo heretic into a "material pope". A heretic cannot materially usurp the Papacy, since it's spiritual edifice, not material.
9:42 AM · May 22, 2022

Church buildings may need restoration after being destroyed. However, the Church is always alive thanks to the Sacrament of Holy Order, even during the Sedevacante, even without Church buildings. Some have buildings, we have priests.
8:53 AM · May 21, 2022

The Church is always alive:
"If the See is vacant, he does not say Papa nostro or Antistite nostro."
CEREMONIAL: FOR THE USE OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES IN THE USA, Appoved by +JAMES CARD. GIBBONS, Archbishop of Baitimore, 30th day of November, A. D., 1894, p. 20.
1:27 PM · May 21, 2022

"If all cardinals should die before election of a Sovereign Pontiff..Some say an oecumenical council should elect, but the more common..opinion is that election would still pertain to the Roman clergy, that is, to the canons of the Lateran basilica" - The Roman Court. Rev P Baart
9:08 PM · May 21, 2022

Laymen who say that "sede" priests have no mission are wrong. In normal times, missio canonica is supplyed by the Church. During Sedevacante, this is even more clear. And by the way, "sede" priests are not excommunicated, since excommunication from V2 by V2 is null.
8:00 AM · May 24, 2022

A DICTIONARY OF CANON LAW, Rev. P. Trudel, p. 119: “Jurisdiction in the external forum also holds for the internal (202, 1). The Church supplies jurisdiction for both forums (1) in common error, and (2) in a positive and probable doubt of fact as well as of law (209).”
8:20 AM · May 24, 2022

Therefore, during Sedevacante, if the choice is between: (1) staying home alone or (2) participating in the Sacraments - whenever possible, (1) is not justified by law, while (2) is prescribed by law.
10:45 AM · May 24, 2022

A thief can use a stolen car for evil purposes, but he cannot use the ownership of the car because he is not the owner. Similarly, a public heretic can use St Peter's Basilica, but not St Peter's Authority, since he does not have St Peter's Authority, in any matters.
7:38 AM · May 26, 2022

There was not room in the previous post. This refers to a public, well-known heretic.
8:31 PM · May 22, 2022

False thesis:
- When a public heretic, "material pope" preaches heresy, he uses the Papacy.
Correct thesis:
- When a public heretic, non-pope preaches heresy, he only uses his brain and tongue.
12:24 PM · May 26, 2022

The reviviscence does not work in case of election of a Pope, bc Papacy is not an "8th Sacrament".
Abjuration of heresy by a "pope-elect" after he accepted election would mean that he was not a Catholic and a new election should begin.
4:42 PM · May 26, 2022

To say that a public heretic can be a "material pope" fulfilling acts for "common good of the church" is to recognize him as the Pope. A sophistical emphasis on only "continuance of a corporeal life of the church" actually is a denial of the supernatural mission of the Church.
8:22 AM · May 28, 2022

Did you read MHTS Newsletter, May 2022? An anti-example of how in one moment you can turn into ignorants those who had taught for decades in your seminary, and into enemies those with whom you had been friends for 50 years. Sadly.
11:25 PM · May 29, 2022

A question arises while reading this newsletter. Why is the "thesis" necessary? For the greater glory of God and the strengthening of the Faith and the Church? Or for the justification of public heretics and the weakening of the Faith and the Church?
7:40 AM · May 30, 2022

Often silence is not gold but a sign of consent. If there is an article, then there is a comment. I know from my own experience how a comment differs from an attack. That's why I know I'm not attacking. Not everyone has to like comments, but not everyone has to like articles.
8:34 AM · May 31, 2022

If a Catholic is faced with a choice between accepting or rejecting a new theory not approved by the Church, it is safer to reject it, since rejection would be a fulfillment of the Catholic principle, while acceptance would be a violation of the Catholic principle.
7:58 PM · Jun 1, 2022

To accept any doctrine, it is important how clear it is not Philosophically, but Morally. According to Moral Theology he never sins mortally who denies private revelations because he is not convinced that they are from God. Morality over Philosophy and not vice versa.
7:35 AM · Jun 2, 2022

"...but what if, by a very improbable supposition, an excommunicated cardinal should be elected Pope?
Answer: he would go to Confession or ask any confessor to absolve him from the censure. That is all." Commentary on CANON LAW Rev P CHAS AUGUSTINE Vol VIII C. 2265.2 p 190.
10:51 PM · Jun 2, 2022

Election is completed once an excommunicated gives his consent AFTER he receives absolution from censures by a Confessor.
A public heretic is immediately excommunicated ipso facto C 2314. Also see C 2200.2.
C 2265 cannot be uplied to "Francis", bc he was never elected.
8:22 AM · Jun 3, 2022

"He would go to Confession or ask any confessor to absolve him from the censure."
In such a case a result depends on a Confessor, not electors.
Today, there are public heretics excommunicated ipso facto, there are confessors (valid priests) but there are no ordinary electors...
9:51 PM · Jun 3, 2022

Recusant Catholic
Replying to @FrValerii and @VeraPin67561350
Who are the electors, Father?
9:54 PM · Jun 3, 2022

In any case, not the Novus Ordo non-cardinals. I stop here so as not to be distracted from prayer and not to distract others. Pray for each other.
10:10 PM · Jun 3, 2022

Perhaps you will be surprised, but I don't like to discuss this artificial thesis more than anyone else, and I do not intend to perpetuate it. If someone is a Lefebvreist just lets he says it honestly without sophistical arguments. However everything is clear to everyone. Oremus.
8:35 AM · Jun 3, 2022

We are speaking about men who were implicitly and explicitly heretics at the time of their elections, and for this reason their elections were null, legally invalid, and void. Even Bp Donald Sanborn said this. See: Vatican II, the Pope and SSPX: Q & A (Q&A 20)
4:15 PM · Jun 3, 2022

Mentioned article by Most Rev Donald Sanborn can be found on the traditionalmass.org
4:34 PM · Jun 3, 2022

Most Rev. Charles McGuire
Some say the Vatican II Church is the Catholic Church. Compare it to the Church before Vatican II & you will see that they are 2 different Churches w/ different dogmas, morals & disciplines. Only 1 of them is Catholic & it is the one that can be traced back to the Apostles.
12:14 PM · Jun 5, 2022

God bless you, Your Excellency. The Holy Ghost inspired you to say this. A happy Pentecost to you.
9:59 PM · Jun 5, 2022

Dogmatically, Morally, Disciplinary, Sacramentally, Hierarchically, De facto et De iure, Vatican II is non-Catholic church.
10:10 PM · Jun 5, 2022

Bishop Guérard des Lauriers
Replying to @FrValerii @dryurimaria and @RevMcguire1
De jure? Do you know what that means? Who carried out the legal process of declaratory sentence of each of the modernists?
1:17 AM · Jun 9, 2022

Yuri Maria
Replying to @GuerardDesL @FrValerii and @RevMcguire1
I realized that you @GuerardDesL don't understand anything… kkk
12:35 PM · Jun 9, 2022

I think I have sufficiently presented my personal view on why "material salvation" through public heretics is not the "only true solution". In the meantime, I hope that other priests will soon share their research as well. Oremus.
1:49 PM · Jun 6, 2022

De jure means according to the law. The law itself says that a public heretic is excommunicated ipso facto before a sentence pronounced. Nowadays only the law speaks. By the way, for those who don't know yet, Divine Law is part of Canon Law.
8:07 AM · Jun 9, 2022

Bishop Guérard des Lauriers
@GuerardDesL Replying to @FrValerii
Here it is necessary to make the distinction between the effect imputed by the crime, and being recognized as a criminal. Someone who kills is an actual murderer, and the effect of the crime is imputed to him, but he has not been legally judged and declared as such.
3:47 PM · Jun 10, 2022

Fr. Valerii
Replying to @GuerardDesL
Nowadays, in absence of the lawgiver (Pope), the effect imputed by crime of public heresy is immediately excommunication ipso facto, C 2314. A public heretic has been recognized, declared and legally judged by the Law itself. If not, then you recognize V2 as the Catholic Church.
9:10 AM · Jun 11, 2022

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