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The Absurdity of the 'Siri Thesis'

The Absurdity of the "Siri Thesis"

The propagators of the «Siri Thesis» say:

"Siri did not elect a successor, he only recommended him to the conclave held two years after his death."

Also, the propagators of the «Siri Thesis» say that "Sedevacantist" bishops and priests do not have jurisdiction given to them by a "hidden Pope", and commit a sin of schism when they do a "Mass apostolate".

Also, the propagators say that as a Pope can be invisible, so the Church can be invisible as well.

In this regard, counter questions arise, which will show the absurdity of the "Siri thesis":

  • Why did "cardinals", appointed by Siri, gather for the “conclave" two years after his death NOT 10-18 days after the death of their "hidden pope", as prescribed by the Canons?
  • Being the "hidden pope", wouldn’t Siri himself commit a sin of schism when he celebrated Masses una cum Vatican II false popes from October 1958 until his death in May1989?
  • If Siri himself celebrated Masses una cum Vatican II false popes, in unity with which “popes” did Siri's “cardinals” celebrate Masses during his lifetime?
  • In unity with which “pope” did Siri's “cardinals” celebrate Masses during two years since his death till the "election" of a new "hidden pope"?
  • If it is a sin of schism to the Catholic bishops and priests to celebrate Masses not una cum a Pope during the Vacancy of the Holy See, why is it not a sin of schism to Siri's "cardinals" themselves?
  • Despite the fact that the propagators of the «Siri Thesis» understand the absurdity of their "thesis", why do they still continue to preach it?

While all these questions themselves show the absurdity and silliness of the «Siri Thesis», the last question, however, needs to be answered, and the answer can be found in The Catechism Explained by Rev. Francis Spirago:

1. The Catholic Church is a visible institution, founded by Christ, in which men are trained for heaven.

Two classes of people maintain that the Church is not visible: heretics, who have been cut off from it yet would gladly belong to the Church, and free thinkers, who wish to shirk the obligation of obeying a visible Church.” (1)

Of course, it is historical truth that for almost first three hundred years the Church was brutally persecuted by pagan Roman emperors. They forbade public worship for Christians, and for violation of this prohibition they killed them. So, it is true that the first Roman Christians were forced to worship at their homes and in the catacombs, as Most Rev. James Gibbons wrote in his book THE FAITH OF OUR FATHERS:

“From the day of Pentecost till the victory of Constantine the Great over Maxentius, embracing a period of about two hundred and eighty years, the Church underwent a series of ten persecutions unparalleled for atrocity in the annals of history. Every torture that malice could invent was re sorted to, that every vestige of Christianity might be eradicated. "Christianas ad leones," the Christians to the lions, was the popular war-cry.

They were clothed in the skins of wild beasts, and thus exposed to be devoured by dogs. They were covered with pitch, and set on fire, to serve as lamp posts to the streets of Rome. To justify such atrocities, and to smother all sentiments of compassion, these persecutors accused their innocent victims of the most appalling crimes.

For three centuries the Christians were obliged to worship God in the secrecy of their chambers, or in the Roman catacombs, which are still preserved to attest the undying fortitude of the martyrs, and the enormity of their sufferings.” (2)

There are, however, some essential differences between the Roman Christians of the first three centuries and the propagators of the «Siri Thesis».

The first Roman Christians were persecuted, killed and were forced to secretly worship God. Uncompromising and courageous Popes along with bishops, priests and laity professed the Catholic Faith and for this they were persecuted by the Pagan Rome.

There has been no attempt to kill or somehow injure any of the propagators of the «Siri Thesis», nor force them to worship secretly. Together with their "hidden popes" they publicly preach the “faith” of Pagan Vatican II; they feel safe preaching their heresies “online."

Therefore, these arguments show and prove the absurdity of the «Siri Thesis».

Fr. Valerii


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