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The End Of The Siri Thesis Fairytale

"God hath given them the spirit of insensibility; eyes that they should not see, and ears that they should not hear; until this present day" (TO THE ROMANS 11:8)

On September, 2019, one of the sites of the new Siri Theorists posted the following descriptions regarding the priest who for decades was considered the key person in their circles:

“Notorious and pertinacious - publicly manifest heretic, clergyman - named Fr. Khoat Van Tran (A.K.A. "Bishop" Tran)”.

“Tran, you're much worse than a disaster! You publicly manifested heresy in your vile lie (quote from the book you are selling) above, by denying the Catholic doctrine, concerning one of the three attributes of the Church, Her Indefectibility.

This basic, sacred teaching, is in every grade-school Catechism. And you claim to be an Apostle of Christ?!?..a Bishop... from what specific diocese? Prove it. Holy Mother Church allows/wants Her children to ask for the proper documentation, on the background/validy of the orders, of the clergy that serve them, BEFORE THEY RECEIVE SACRAMENTS FROM THEM. IT IS A RIGHT. Put up or shut up! Also repent and "get schooled".

“This man is controlled by Satan or Insane”.

“Is it possible that Fr Tran is under duress? This was completely unexpected.

NO. He was not at all. He tried to have multiple people publish it online first, and then did a "on demand" book.”

For now, I’m not yet ready to analyze and comment on the book written by Fr. Khoat VanTran, which was published on June 29, 2019 because I have not read his book.

I have only read a copy of the draft of this book (which someone shared with me last December 2018), but I am not sure if the texts of the draft and the published book are identical.

If the texts in the draft and the one in the book are the same, then it explains why the new Siri Theorists got angry because of that book.

From the draft, it is clear (to me) that Fr. Khoat does not believe in a ‘hidden papacy’ of Cardinal Siri. Also, he does not believe in ‘3 days of darkness’, nor in so-called prophecy regarding‘great monarch, the savior of France’, and together with a ‘pope’ who will be of the race of David called to reign over the world. “The race of the Kings of France, being that of David, therefore the same one as Our Lord's and the Immaculate Virgin, divine in one of its Members, it is natural that it should be this race to be called to reign over the world at the time of the great triumph of the Church” (MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY, THE BRETON STIGMATIST, the book by Marquis de la Franquerie, a French nationalist)

Fr. Khoat says nothing about these ideas which are the key points of the new Siri theorists’ ‘doctrine’. If he does not mention it in his book, that means the whole massive of texts, written on all the new Siri theorists’ websites, makes no sense to him at all, or he is no longer interested in it.

‘In one click’ Fr. Khoat destroyed the very ‘foundation’ of the false doctrines and prophecies of ‘the 3 days of darkness’ and the ‘great French monarch’, propagated for years by the new Siri theorists via their websites.

That is what Fr. Khoat says in the draft of his book:

“Christ never chooses any form of politics, such as monarchy or democracy or even theocracy. The form of His Kingdom is justice. Whenever the justice rules, the Kingdom of God is established.”
Some say that he ‘changed his mind’ recently due to his old age.

But he writes in his ‘Manifesto’ that “this inspiration continued for almost 38 years” since 1980:

“The ideas I share with you are the inspirations given to me when I prayed on the Mountain of Beatitudes in the year 1980. This inspiration continued for almost 38 years, and I feel a divine push for me to share it with you when I go toward the year 2019 and become 80 years old.”

That means Fr. Khoat’s meeting with Cardinal Siri in 1988 played no role in his ‘strategic view’.

Therefore, it is not surprising, that the new Siri Theorists got very angry and started to expose every public fault of their former colleague whom they promoted as their ‘heroic priest’.

Now they call him the “faithless Vietnamese Destroyer”.

They got so angry that they even published a 2017 picture of Fr. Khoat posing with his ‘wife’ with captions written below that the wife owns an expensive Prada purse.

Although, far earlier, the Siri Theorists have already known that he has been living with his unlawful ‘wife’ for decades, but did not protest against this grave violation of Canon Law by this Latin Rite priest when they thought he was aligned with them.

N.B. The Catholic Church gives the right to men of the Byzantine Rite to get married only before the deacon ordination. A married deacon can be ordained priest and carry on his priestly duties as a married priest. Men of the Latin Rite do NOT have such right. Validly ordained priests of both rites become irregular when they attempt marriage.

Also, former Fr. Khoat’s ‘Staff Members’ demands him to prove that he is a true valid bishop. They are now questioning his episcopacy, and that means all confirmations and ordinations administered by him would be invalid.

The very fact that Fr. Khoat published his book as Rev. Khoat Van Tran means that he publicly identifies himself as a priest, NOT a bishop. That is a clear indication that all sacraments performed by him acting as a 'bishop' are invalid.

Therefore, everyone who has received such confirmations and/or ordinations should ask a valid Catholic bishop to administer these Sacraments to them either conditionally or absolutely as soon as possible.

Going back to the doctrines, one can say that the essence of Fr. Khoat’s doctrine and the doctrine of his former ‘Staff Members’ are the same: 'a happy life on Earth'.

The only difference between them is that Fr. Khoat's doctrine embraces all the people of all religions and races: “the new world vision well beyond the boundary of beliefs, cultures, and any differences”, while his former 'Staff Members' insists that the “right to be happy on Earth” is only an exclusive privilege of the 'divine King David's race': “it is natural that it should be this race to be called to reign over the world at the time of the great triumph of the Church”.

What more could one say?

Judging by this ‘book event’, everything is already clear. ‘Green eyeglasses’ are taken off, the reality became real. Finally, the fairy-tale of “The Siri Thesis” has ended.

Fr. Valerii

List of false doctrines by the “hidden pope” cult

At first one needs to understand that a “hidden pope” thesis is only a visible cover of the collection of many false doctrines.

The propagators of a “hidden pope” are spreading false teachings containing in the books "THE PROPHETS AND OUR TIMES" by Rev. R. Gerald Culleton, "MARIE-JULIE JAHENNY, THE BRETON STIGMATIST" by Marquis de la Franquerie, "Les Propheties de La Fraudais" by Roberdel Abbé Pierre and "Catholic Prophecy The Coming Chastisement" by Yves Dupont. You can see these books on the websites administered by the propagators of a “hidden pope”.

These books and the “hidden pope” (“Gregory XVIII”) cult websites contain the following false doctrines:

  • Religion of a "man-savior" ("great monarch") instead of Jesus Christ.
  • Talmud (cultus falsus),
  • Fortune-telling by Apocrypha (heretical books, rejected by the Catholic Church),
  • False prophecy about “3 days of darkness”, which is not a part of the official Church’s Doctrine on the Eschatology i.e. DEATH, JUDGMENT, HEAVEN, PURGATORY, HELL,
  • Reigning of one certain "divine race" of the king David (tribe of Juda) over the world after “3 days of darkness” (Rasism, condemned by God Himself and by the Church, particularly by Pope Pius XI in the Encyclical Letter Mit Brennender Sorge, March 14, 1937),
  • The heresy of an “invisible head” of the Church (condemned by the Vatican Council in 1870 A.D.)
  • Fortune-telling by Pagan oracles (Explicit or Implicit invocation of the devil),
  • Fortune telling by Astrologer Nostradamus (the astrology was condemned in 1586 by Bull of Pope Sixtus V "Coeli et Terrae"),
  • Fortune-telling by English wizard Merlin and witch Mother Shipton (Explicit or Implicit invocation of the devil),
  • Making of "blessed water" by laymen (false worship when a layman performs the duties of a priest),
  • Swallowing of a "miraculous" paper with a certain formula {very unusual or ridiculous ceremonies (cultus vanus)},
  • Lies against Popes St. Marcellinus, St. Martin I, and St. Eugenius I.

In fact, through these books and websites, the "religion" of the Vatican II is preached, that is, the unity of all "religions", when Christianity is placed on the same level with apostasy, astrology, magic, witchcraft, fortune telling, idolatry, the Talmud, etc.

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