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Warning Against a Book by a 'Bad bishop'

Perhaps after reading the "Warning", released last Sep. 17, 2019 by the Siri theorists, one could say: "What these people do is just plainly inexplicable". They have turned against its own creation, the 'hidden pope'!

This “Warning” is an event that sooner or later had to happen in order for many eyes to be opened, and many souls to be freed from the false 'hidden pope' cult.

The new Siri theorists are panicking trying to save their 'burning barn' by blaming the priest with whom they preached their many heresies daily since 2005 till now. When ('his') book was published, they immediately sent him directly to ... Hell. "The floor of Hell is paved with the skulls of (bad) bishops" - it is written in the "Warning" issued by them.

There are many versions about who actually is the 'hidden pope'. Many of 'hidden pope' followers say that so-called 'Staff Members' told them, that it is Fr. Khoat who is the secret 'hidden pope'.

There’s also a version that the "Warning" released by the 'Staff Members' makes one want to 'buy the book in order to make a profit for the new Siri theorists'. “Where is Fr. Khoat? Is he alive?” etc., etc.

It also seems that the new Siri theorists are desperately trying to destroy the one whom they had been promoted as a key figure in propagating the false cult of the 'hidden pope'.

He was advertised as a "Very Important Priest", but after this book was published, he was mercilessly burned by those who used him for almost fifteen years.

For almost fifteen years, the new Siri theorists, hand in hand with this cleric, the so called (bad) bishop, as they call him now, have been preaching all kinds of heresies. Then suddenly, "Clerics suspected of heresy are to be suspended a divinis".

Now it remains only to figure out which of their common heresies 'inspired' the 'Staff Members' to try to remove the blame from them and shift it exclusively to the 'bad bishop'.

However, it is not surprising that the dishonesty and cruelty of these people, that have become habits over the years, has resulted in a series of self justifying statements shifting the blame to others.

But the main question here at the moment is – “Will the sleeping followers of the 'hidden pope' have time to evacuate themselves from the 'burning barn'?”

I hope many more will be able to wake up and jump out in time.

But, those who would be late, will probably be burned by the 'Staff Members' in similar ways as the 'bad bishop' was burned.

We won’t be surprised, if sooner or later it would happen to every follower of the false 'hidden pope' cult.

Fr. Valerii

P.S. The topic of this article is not about a book that has appeared in some online stores.

The topic is about the awful cruelty of the 'hidden pope' cult itself.

You see that this cult is orchestrated and controlled by faithless laymen who in a tyrannical, sectarian way treat the clergy and other laymen as stupid slaves.

Definitely, this heretical 'hidden pope' cult is outside of the Catholic Church and Its Holy Faith.

Anyone, any time, can be a victim of this merciless cult.

By this very illustrative ‘book event’ one can see how far these self-appointed ‘experts’ can go in their hatred towards the Church of Christ when they put their sick fantasies and own εγώ above all.

Pretty soon it will be time to say that the ‘Staff Members’ and 'Hierarchy' is one impostor, who due to hard times accepted a ‘job’ of a ‘wizard’ to fulfill unachievable dreams of superstitious people.

The American cultural key for understanding this, is the film “The Wizard of Oz” or a children’s novel “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”.

The wizard is the man behind the curtain, who pulls all the levers himself, fills followers with lies and fear, and yet he himself is nothing, nothing at all.

It was the wizard who decreed that everyone in the "Emerald City" must wear ‘green eyeglasses’.

The ‘Emerald City’ of the ‘hidden pope' is a fictional place, where naive people go expecting their dreams to be fulfilled only to end up with superficial substitutes and broken dreams.

How ‘green’ and ‘pleasant’ the country is, when you look trough ‘green eyeglasses’.

Nevertheless, it’s the time now to take off these ‘eyeglasses’, throw them away, and come back home, the Catholic Church.

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