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Was Siri “the best Pope”?

"No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." (ST. MATTHEW 6:24)

After the collapse of the "emerald kingdom"* of the “Siri Thesis’s” followers in December 2019, some of them still are trying to “prove” their false thesis in a various ways.

For example, they tried using a very strange utterance, which they attribute to Abp. Arrigo Pintonello.

They claim that during a videotape interview, that took place at the suburb of Rome in 1996, an American interviewer, utilizing a professional Italian translator, told Abp. Pintonello "I believe Siri was a Pope", and Abp. Pintonello answered: "Siri was the best Pope."

First, let's get to know, who was Abp. Arrigo Pintonello?

Born 18 Aug 1908, died 8 Jul 2001.

Catholic Church:

  • 9 Oct 1932, ordained Priest, priest of Padova, Italy.
  • 4 Nov 1953, appointed Archbishop of Italy, Military.
  • 4 Nov 1953, appointed Titular Bishop of Theodosiopolis in Arcadia.
  • 30 Nov 1953, consecrated Bishop, Titular Bishop of Theodosiopolis in Arcadia.

Non-Catholic Vatican II church:

  • During 1962 – 1965 participated in all four sessions of the Vatican II pseudo-council.
  • 1 May 1965 appointed “Apostolic Administrator” of Velletri, Italy, by Vatican II “Pope Paul VI”.
  • 12 Sep 1967 appointed “Archbishop” of Terracina-Latina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy, by Vatican II “Pope Paul VI”.
  • 25 Jun 1971 resigned as “Archbishop” of Terracina-Latina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy.
  • 8 Jul 2001 died at age 92.8 as “Archbishop Emeritus” of Terracina-Latina, Priverno e Sezze, Italy.
  • Abp. Pintonello offered the new "Mass", like NO “Cardinal” Siri of Genoa did throughout his episcopate at the City Diocese of Expeditor Columbus.
  • Abp. Pintonello used the new rite of "Paul VI" for "ordinations" (absolutely null and void).

From the biography of Abp. Arrigo Pintonello it follows that he accepted all evil reforms of the Vatican II pseudo-council (some say that he criticized the Vatican II) by paying obedience to four Vatican II pseudo-popes, enjoying salary, pension and privileges of the “retired bishop" of the Vatican II church.

Going back to the "Siri was the best Pope”, the sole public available source of this utterance is a site owned by the "Siri Thesis" propagators.

I don't think that it is a good idea to trust people whose usual method is mixing a drop of truth with a large amount of falsehood then give false interpretations.

Instead, it would be wiser to be very cautious and not trust the "evidence" presented by the "Siri Thesis" propagators, whose sites are full of falsehood and wrong private opinions.

Nothing in the public domain neither an article nor a letter, nor even a brief note written personally by Bp. Arrigo Pintonello claiming or proving that this was true or have actually occurred.

Therefore, it is impossible to figure out if he really said that or if he did, what he really meant by saying "Siri was the best Pope".

Now since we don’t know if a video of the alleged interview with Abp. Arrigo Pintonello really existed, we cannot say with certainty that these words truly belong to him.

Even if these words were stated by him, it is still not clear what he really meant when he uttered them.

On the one hand, this utterance sounds ridiculous and absurd. At the same time, this inflicts a very grave insult upon millions of Martyrs of the Catholic Church, particularly, more than forty Popes-Martyrs.

Indeed, these words: "Siri was the best Pope" sound like a joke, or like a slap on the face of Pope St. Clement (35 AD – 91(99) AD), the holy Martyr who was martyred in exile in the Crimea. He was a true Vicar of Christ who in spite of the strictest prohibition by Roman pagans, converted daily large numbers of the local pagans and his fellow prisoners to Christianity baptizing them.

As punishment, Romans tied him to an anchor and thrown from a boat into the Black Sea.

Unlike St. Clement the Pope-Martyr, former Catholic bishop, Giuseppe Siri paid obedience four Vatican II pseudo-popes: “John XXIII”, “Paul VI”, “John Paul I”, and “John Paul II”.

During more than thirty years, he publicly enjoyed the glory (vanity) and privileges of the clergyman of the Novus Ordo church**, publicly preaching the Protestant and pagan heresies and religious indifferentism, causing millions of Catholics to lose faith throughout the world.

All evil reforms promulgated by the Vatican II pseudo-council were publicly supported by Giuseppe Siri, Novus Ordo “Archbishop of Genova”.

Knowing all these facts about Giuseppe Siri, the propagators of the "Siri Thesis" that claim he was "the best pope”, as Catholics, cannot make such strange statements.

Only people of a non-Catholic faith are capable of this. Actually, by making such claims and statements, the “Siri Thesis” propagators put the following false attitudes into the minds of their followers:

  1. A distorted image of a "pope" who can simultaneously conduct two completely incompatible ministries, of the "Vicar of Christ" and the pagan priest.
  2. An idea that all priests and faithful can imitate such “pope”, i.e. simultaneously to be “hidden Catholics” and public members of the Vatican II pagan church.
  3. An idea that every Catholic can live permanently in a state of a split personality.


What could be a Catholic answer to the question: “Was Siri “the best Pope”?”

From the Catholic point of view, former Catholic Bishop, Giuseppe Siri was not pope at all, nor hidden nor visible.

He was not Catholic at all, because as an obstinate public heretic he incurred the censure LATAE SENTENTIAE, excommunication speciali modo reserved to the Holy See according to Can. 2314. 1: "Omnes a Christiana fide apostatae et omnes et singuli haeretici aut schismatici: 1. Incurrunt ipso facto excomrnunicationem - All apostates from the Christian faith and all heretics and schismatics: 1. Incur excommunication ipso facto".

Also he lost all offices, with the corresponding rights and duties, in the Catholic Church ipso facto according to Can. 188.4: “A fide catholica publice defecerit – a public defection from the Catholic Faith”.

If despite these clear Canonical penalties by means of which bishop Giuseppe Siri was unambiguously expelled from the Catholic Church, someone still insists that Siri acted as both the "hidden pope" and the public clergyman of the Vatican II church, in such case we have the right to say that a propagator of this ecumenical idea is himself both a "hidden catholic" and a public member of the Vatican II church.

According to the Canon Law such conjunction of two mutually inconsistent services is absolutely impossible and is not in conformity with the right reason making it completely absurd.

Therefore, the question “Was Siri “the best Pope?” can be reworded as follows:

“How can a person, who permanently lives in a state of a split personality and encourages millions souls to live in the same state, be the Vicar of Christ?”

From the Catholic point of view, the best answer would be:

"No man can serve two masters. For either he will hate the one, and love the other: or he will sustain the one, and despise the other. You cannot serve God and mammon." (ST. MATTHEW 6:24)

Fr. Valerii

* See my articles: “The End of ‘The Siri Thesis’ Fairytale” and “The CONFIRMED END of the SIRI THEORISTS FAIRYTALE”.

** Non-Catholic biography of Giuseppe Siri as a “Cardinal” of the Vatican II church:

  • Attended “Vatican II Council”, 1962-1965;
  • Member of its board of presidency, 1963-1965.
  • Participated in the “conclave” of 1963 (false pope “Paul VI” elected).
  • Attended I Ordinary Assembly of the World Synod of “Bishops”, Vatican City, September 29-October 29, 1967;
  • II Ordinary Assembly of the World Synod of “Bishops”, Vatican City, September 30-November 6, 1971;
  • III Ordinary Assembly of World Synod of “Bishops”, Vatican City, September 27-October 26, 1974.
  • Participated in the “conclave” of August 25-26, 1978 (false pope “John Paul I” elected).
  • Participated in the “conclave” of October 14-16, 1978 (false pope “John Paul II” elected).
  • Attended I Plenary Assembly of “Sacred College of Cardinals”, Vatican City, November 5-9, 1979;
  • II Extraordinary Assembly of the World Synod of “Bishops”, Vatican City, November 24-December 8, 1985; special guest.
  • Lost right to participate in the “conclave” when turned 80 years of age, May 20, 1986.
  • He said Abp. Marcel Lefebvre in 1986 should shut up accusing "John Paul II" of sacrilege for the "World Peace Prayer Conference" in Assisi, Italy.
  • Resigned “pastoral government” of “archdiocese”, July 6, 1987.
  • Died as a high-ranking minister of the non-Catholic church, May 2, 1989, Villa Campostano, Albaro.
  • Buried, St. Lorenzo metropolitan cathedral, Genoa.
  • “Cardinal” Siri used the new rite of "Paul VI" for "ordinations" (absolutely null and void).
  • “Cardinal” Siri offered the new "Mass" throughout his “episcopate” at his N.O. Diocese.
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