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Whom Do They Call "Pope Gregory XVII”?

Recently, as I was searching some information on the Internet, I was redirected to one of the sites owned by the propagators of the "Siri Thesis". I was somewhat puzzled when I saw a photo of Cardinal Siri posing under the portrait of "JohnXXIII", who was the "pope" of the Novus Ordo church. This photo appears in a slide show on the English main page.


It is not surprising to see a subordinate photographed standing under the portrait of his superior or leader, showing loyalty to the leader, therefore, I was not surprised at all to see a photo of Cardinal Siri vested in red mantle under the portrait of "John XXIII" whom he publicly recognized and obeyed as the true Pope.

But it is seems very strange that people, who advocate the theory of “hidden papacy” of Cardinal Siri, published his photo where he poses under the portrait of the false pope.

There are numerous other photos of Cardinal Siri, but they chose and posted that one instead. Have they not found another one, without the Novus Ordo “pope”?

The inscription on this significant photo looks strange as well, because it may have a double meaning: "Pope Gregorius XVII, ora pro nobis!"

After the recent events in the camp of the new Siri theorists (when it turned out that the key person, Fr. Khoat Van Tran, doesn’t believe in the so-called hidden papacy of Cardinal Siri) it seems that there are no more surprises in their arsenal.

But this photo with the inscription in it shows that these people have always something leaving you wondering and pushing you to ask the question: "Whom do they actually call "Pope Gregory XVII" - Giuseppe Siri or Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli?" Also, the question arises, "By whom and when was their "pope" canonized, and based on what merits?"

In comparison, the style of their submission of information is similar with the style of Vatican II in the unequivocal rejection of the Catholic Doctrine and then replacing it with the doctrines of double meaning, which can be presented and interpreted differently, depending on the circumstances and the current moment.

Fr. Valerii

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