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God is the Father of all men

A certain anti-Catholic sect, previously written about in the article called "The Papacy and the Papal States", is spreading disgusting lies about two Popes - Leo XIII and St. Pius X. I will not mention the name of the sect in order not to advertise it.

Members of this sect declare that both Popes were “anti-popes” because they were “heretics”. The “heresy,” according to sectarians, was that both Popes believed in “God the Father of all”.

The sect claims that only these two Popes began to preach such a "heresy", and that before them there was no belief in God as the Father of all men.

Objection: “This man (Leo XIII) was quite the hypocrite as it was he himself who was dropping the poison in the water in ever so a subtle way.” - “However, Pius X was a firm believer in God as Father of ALL the world too. He definitely believed the heresy of God being the Father of all.” - “I believe in God the Father, Creator of Heaven and earth...” - “It is only Leo XIII and Pius X that make this first line of the Apostles Creed appear to be ambiguous. Open any catechism from before 1878 and the Creed is not explained according to their definition.” (Such idiotic statements can be seen on the website of the Sect).

“There have been a few people who requested a Catechism class. We are very pleased to begin this catechism in the recording below. We decided to use "Familiar Explanation of Christian Doctrine" published in 1875 and written by Father Mueller.” (This is written on the same site as well).

Response: It is unbelievable, but the sectarians call the Orthodox Faith of the two Vicars of Christ and the whole Catholic Church "heresy".

Our Lord Jesus Christ will say to everyone who insults His Vicars:
"Out of thy own mouth I judge thee, thou wicked servant."
(St. Luke 19:22)

The teaching of Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X that God the Father is the Father of all men is based on the Holy Bible (St. Matthew 6:9; St. Luke 11:1; Acts 17:22-28 etc.) However, in my response to the allegations and insults, addressed to Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X made by the sectarians, I use the Catechism proposed by the sect itself: "FAMILIAR EXPLANATION OF CHRISTIAN DOCTRINE", published in 1875 and written by Rev. M. MÜLLER during the reign of Pope PIUS IX. As you can see that it is a just and unprejudiced condemnation of those “wicked servants”.


Q. What did the Apostles do before they went into the whole world to instruct all nations?
A. They made the Symbol or Creed. (p. 119)

Q. Which is the first article of the Creed?
A. I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth. (p. 120)

Q. Why do we call God Father?
A. Because God is our invisible Father in heaven, and because in God there are more persons than one, the first of whom is called the Father. (p. 124)
Fam-Expl-Christ-Doctr-Our-Father Q. What is the best of all prayers?
A. The Lord’s Prayer, or the “Our Father.” (p. 430)
Q. Why is the Our Father called the Lord’s Prayer?
A. Because Jesus Christ, our Lord, has taught it to us and commanded us to say it. Matt. vi. 9-13. (p. 430)
Q. Why is this prayer called the best of all prayers?
A. Because in this prayer we ask for all those graces and blessings of which we chiefly stand in need. (p. 430)
Q. Of what does the Lord’s Prayer consist?
A. It consists of an invocation and seven petitions. (p. 430)
Q. What is the invocation?
A. “Our Father, who art in heaven.” (p. 431)
Q. Why does Jesus Christ teach us to pray Our “Father,” and not Our “Lord or God,” who art in heaven?
A. He wishes to remind us that God is our Father, who, as such, has an unbounded yearning to bestow on us both Himself and all his goods, and that therefore we should pray to Him with an unlimited confidence. (p. 431)

Q. Why do we say our Father, and not my Father?
A. Because God is the Father of all men, and we are all his children, and therefore we should love one another as brothers, and pray for one another. (p. 431)


  • The teaching of Pope Leo XIII and Pope St. Pius X that God the Father is the Father of all men is based on the Holy Bible and fully corresponds to the Catholic Catechism.
  • The unfair and baseless allegation of heresy against the Popes by the sect, in fact shows us, that the sect itself is heretical and dishonest.
  • By this very illustrative example we can see how far people can go in their hatred towards the Church of Christ when they put their fantasies and own wrong opinions above the Magisterium of the Church and even God Himself.

Fr. Valerii


The quotes from the Holy Scripture taken from: THE HOLY BIBLE PUBLISHED WITH THE APPROBATION OF THE CATHOLIC ARCHBISHOPS AND BISHOPS OF IRELAND. The Douay Version of the Old Testament of 1609, and with the Rhemish Version of the New Testament of 1582, Given at Dublin, May 4th, 1857.

No. III.
30 North St., Baltimore, MD.
9 Warren Street, New York.
52 Barclay St., New York. 204 Vine St., Cincinnati.
Nihil Obstat: JOSEPH HELMPRAECHT, C.SS.R., Baltimore, MD., 24 Sept., 1874.
Imprimatur: J. ROOSEVELT BAYLEY, Archiep. Baltimorensis. Baltimori, 24 Sept., 1874
pp. 119, 120, 124, 430, 431

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